Environmental Story

Meritage® is Compliant with the US Lacey Act

The US Lacey Act is a law that was implemented to combat the occurrence of illegal logging throughout the world.

The purpose of the US Lacey Act is to restrict the import of illegally logged lumber into the United States. The law stipulates that the United States will work to ensure that lumber harvested in violation of the laws of the country of origin will not enter the US market.

The Act requires a chain of custody verifying legal origin by a third-party certification provider.  This documentation is now necessary for any lumber being imported from a country that is classified as at-risk for illegal logging by the Forest Stewardship Council.  

It is important to note that the Lacey Act was implemented as a way to eliminate illegally sourced material, not to eliminate specific products or species. 
All Meritage® producers are Lacey Act compliant.

For more information about the Lacey Act or the NWFA Responsible Procurement Program, visit the NWFA’s web site at www.nwfa.org, and click on the Hot Industry Issues link.